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Olive Winchester, Ross E Price

Study of regeneration and sanctification as found in the New Testament Greek and emphasized in the Greek aorist tense.

Remiss Rehfedt

Account of travels to Europe and  Africa in late 1952, reporting on mission efforts particularly in various parts of Africa.

Basil William Miller

Biography which sketches the ministry and evangelistic work of Rev. Bud Robinson.

Tony Marshall Anderson

An examination of what follows in a Christian's life after the second work of sanctification; whereby one is instanteously cleansed from sin, but also begins a life of spiritual development and Christian service.

Randolph Sinks Foster

Abridged from  R.S. Foster's classic earlier work , Rev. John Paul unfolds and explains the Wesleyan doctrine of entire sanctification.

Bud Robinson

Collection of sermons by Rev. Bud Robinson.

William Moses Tidwell

Collection of evangelistic sermons by Rev. W.M. Tidwell..

David Shelby Corlett

Questions and answers on essential Christian beliefs and supported by scriptures. For use by study groups in local churches or as catechetical studies in preparation for church membership.

William Moses Tidwell

Collection of illustrations, stories, anecdotes, etc. for use within sermons.