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John B. Nielson

Fairly but frankly the author relates the penetrating concepts of Paul's teachings "In Christ" to the following pressing problems: racism, communism, ecumenicalism.

James Blaine Chapman

A sermon first preached in 1946 at Kansas City First Church of the Nazarene, this small booklet quickly became a model of evangelistic preaching.

R. T. Williams

Here is a book that is relevant even to today's situation regarding relationships and personalities.

Phineas F. Bresee

This book picks up the stateliness, the scriputral weight of Dr. Bresee's ministry and the eternal optimism that possessed him.

Westlake Taylor Purkiser

The purpose of this little book is to try to place faith in the setting of interest and meaning for young people.

E. P. Ellyson

True holiness, The Glory of Christ, Different Aspects of Holiness are just a few subjects from this book.

Aaron Merritt Hills

The author reviews the entire sin question in the light of the fullness of the New Testament.

L. A. Reed

Booklet on the stewardship of one's life of consecration.

H. A. Baldwin

This book was written to help the newly sanctified believer as well as the mature saint to live a consistent life of separation from the world, yet be a normal, Bible Christian.

R. T. Williams

This brings to light how to deal with responsibility in making choices, mistakes, and finally, some suggestion and princples to guide people safely through the crises of their lives.