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Recent Additions to the Library

John Wesley in clerical garb with his hands resting on books.
On Corrupting the Word of God (Sermon 136)

Preached about the year 1728. ...

A Christmas-card style cover with a picture of African men playing drums.
Christmas Greetings from the Missionaries.
The Other Sheep, 1950, December, V. 37, No. 12

A monthly journal devoted to the...

Women of India bring home grain from the harvest field.
"When you.... shall reap the harvest.... bring a sheaf of the firstfruits..." Lev. 23:10
The Other Sheep, 1950, November, V. 37, No. 11

A monthly journal devoted to the...

A man riding a burro.
The Other Sheep, 1950, October, V. 37, No. 10

A monthly journal devoted to the...