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Sheet Music for the Hymn There Is a Green Hill Far Away (Stebbins); Inset: a field with hay stacks.
Hymn of the Month April, 1965 God's Harvest and God's Men See Page 3.
Herald of Holiness - March 31, 1965

02 Is Your God like You? by General...

The 18-story North Dakota State Capitol building. Inset: a family listening to devotions.
It's Devotion Time See Page 6/ North Dakota State Capitol North Dakota District Church of the Nazarene/ Laymen's Conference Supplement Four extra pages.
Herald of Holiness - March 24, 1965

02 Discipline & Refreshment by...

A cyan-tinted photo of a church building. Inset: an older image of the same building.
Vincennes, Indiana First Church of the Nazarene Southwest Indiana District
Herald of Holiness - March 17, 1965

02 The Evangelistic Church by...

A tree growing top of a rock outcropping being worn away by waves from the Bay of Fundy. Inset: a rocket launching.
Rocks at Hopewell Cape, Canada Atlantic District Church of the Nazarene/ Spirituality in a Space Age See Page 6
Herald of Holiness - March 10, 1965

02 That I May Know Him by General...