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A mirror smooth lake with moutains in the background. Inset: A woman (Ruth Vaughn) holding an open book.
Jackson Lake and the Grand Tetons, Wyoming; Rocky Mountain District Church of the Nazarene. Committed to Follow God See Page 8.
Herald of Holiness - July 7, 1965

02 To Spare or to Sacrifice by...

Sheet music of This is My Father's World; Inset: the Statue of Liberty
This is My Father's World, Hymn of the Month, July, 1965; What Price Our Freedom! See Page 6
Herald of Holiness - June 30, 1965

02 The Trumpet Never Calls Retreat...

An overhead view of a large lumber mill complex. Inset: A police officer (Roy Wilson) in dress uniform.
October Lumber Mill, Oregon Pacific District Church of the Nazarene/ He Leadeth Me See Page 6.
Herald of Holiness - June 23, 1965

02 The Better Bible by General...