The Wesleyan-Holiness Digital Library (WHDL) contains free multidisciplinary digital resources:

  • Books, articles, and other papers
  • Multimedia materials
  • Archival content
  • Scholarly resources

WHDL provides global access to a wealth of Wesleyan-Holiness resources for learners worldwide:

  • Pastors and teachers
  • Librarians and faculty
  • Students and other learners
  • Local congregations

WHDL was initiated by the global Church of the Nazarene in response to the worldwide need for access to resources for ministerial preparation, education, spiritual development, and lifelong learning. It is the desire of the planners and developers of this digital library that other institutions representing Wesleyan-Holiness traditions will join this effort and add their own educational materials and archival resources to enrich the collection.

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