BNC Sounds of a Miracle in 1971

BNC Sounds of a Miracle 1971 record
Image of BNC Sounds of a Miracle 1971 record

In 1971 this recording was sent in a packet of materials to alumni, and constituents of Bethany Nazarene College, BNC, (now Southern Nazarene University).  It reaches out to describe the "Miracle Offering" that took place on the campus of BNC in which over the course of three weeks students gave $77,554.47 towards the College's indebtedness.  Quoting from the pamphlet accompanying this recording "BNC operated on a balanced budget for the first 20 years of President Cantrell's administration. Then along with many other colleges in the United States, we went in the red for three years...borrowed money to operate: Over $600,000 (equivalent to just over $3.5 million in 2018 figures).  Through this campaign and the campaign of Dr. Cantrell's successor, Dr. Nease, Bethany Nazarene College was able to survive the threat of financial crisis. 

This recording includes sound clips of: Vince Snowbarger, Student Council President; Dr. Roy Cantrell, University President; and Evangelist, Chuck Milhuff. 

Also included in this collection is the mailing envelope, and all materials that were sent with the recording.  Additional information may be found in the pamphlet within the PDF of the envelope of materials. 

The record, recorded on opaque red vinyl is a flexible mailable recording.  


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