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Esther Fairbanks English
“The Other Side of Eden” Nativity Petallar English
Discovering the Bible: Story and Faith of the Biblical Communities English
Multicultural Ministries Collections English
Class Requirement English
A Study of the Diversity and Distribution of Arthropods at Hannibal Bank Based on Genetic and Imagery Data Misa Sueyoshi English
Optimization of a FRET Assay for Evaluating the Biological Activity of Anthrax Lethal Factor Inhibitors Seth Veenbaas English
Creating a Positive Stigma for Mental Illness: Christian and Psychological Perspectives on Suffering Myrrhiah Perkins English
Affecting the Eating Habits of College Students: Understanding Eating Patterns and Influencing Factors to Create Effective Dietary Interventions Kaitlyn Offhaus English
A Novel Tool for the Identification of Plasmid Backbone Gene Labels Zac Lindsey English
Be. Do. Go. Nazarene Youth International English
Synthesis and Computational Analysis of Novel IspF Inhibitors Daniel Harper English
RSA Encryption Using Polynomial Rings Michelle Freed English
Targeted Cancer Therapies: Creating and Purifying a Mutated Version of Carboxypeptidase-A to Activate Capped Methotrexate for Use in Antibody-Derived Enzyme Pro-Drug Therapy (ADEPT) Meghan Campbell, Carley Coopwood English
Systematic Dissection and Critical Literature Review of the Patellofemoral Joint Eryn Danielson English
Monitoring NCAA Division II Female Runners with Noninvasive Measures for Overtraining Syndrome English
Exercise as Medicine in the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease: Survey Assessment of Non-Contact Boxing Participants with Supportive Brain Anatomy Analysis Mychal Aloise English
A Study of the Diversity and Community Structure of Fauna at Hannibal Bank Based on Imagery Data Jonathan Abdala English
BE DO GO Books English
GO: Engaging Youth in Leadership Development Lisa Aparicio, Lesego Shibambo, Odily Díaz, Kat Wood, Thiago Nieman Ambrósio, Cameron Batkin, Phil Starr English
Phil Starr English
Cameron Batkin English
Kat Wood English
Lisa Aparicio English
Lisa Aparicio English
Dario Richards English
Daniel Latu English
DO: Engaging Youth in Discipleship Lisa Aparicio, Jaime Román Araya, Nicholas Barasa, Milton Gay, Nabil Habiby, Andrea Sawtelle, Bakhoh Jatmiko English
Bakhoh Jatmiko English
Andrea Sawtelle English
Nabil Habiby English
Nicholas Barasa English
BE: Engaging Youth in Evangelism Lisa Aparicio, Wesley Parry, Denise Holland, Daniel Latu, Christiano Malta, Wouter van der Zeijden, Dario Richards English
Denise Holland English
A Christian Response to Imprisonment in the Wesleyan Tradition English
The Works of the Rev. John Wesley, A.M., Vol. VII Thomas Jackson, John Wesley English
Acts 8:9-24: Following the Wrong Savior Bruce Oldham English
Bruce Oldham English
The Works of the Rev. John Wesley, A.M., Vol. VI Thomas Jackson, John Wesley English
Dorotea Ahleman English
Paul's Prison Epistle"s English
Music - Leadership English
Eby Wes English
Cauthron Hal English
PLNU PALCON 2018 - Plenary Session 4, Dr. Scot McKnight Scot McKnight English
Scot McKnight English
PLNU PALCON 2018 - Plenary Session 3, Javier & Annette Mondragon Javier Mondragon, Annette Mondragon English
PLNU PALCON 2018 - Plenary Session 2, Christine Hung Christine Hung English
PLNU PALCON 2018 - Plenary Session 1, Dr. David Graves David Graves English
SNU PALCON 2018 - Plenary Session 3, Dr. Keith Newman Keith Newman English
SNU PALCON 2018 - Plenary Session 1, Dr. Carla Sunberg Carla Sunberg English
SNU PALCON 2018 - Plenary Session 2, Dr. Albert Hung Albert Hung English
PALCON 2018 - Southern Nazarene University English
PALCON 2018 - Point Loma Nazarene University English
David Busic English
Althea Taylor English
PALCON 2018 - Come & See English
Stephen Manley English
E. E. Wordsworth English
Joseph Gray English
Audrey Williamson English
Dr. Darin Land's Publications English
Listening and learning from various entities on the perceived dynamics that help children thrive: Implications for practical action towards holistic mission and discipleship of children APNTS Research Team English
APNTS Research Team English
upward call English
Tabletop games and 21st century skill practice in the undergraduate classroom Mark Hayse English
United to the Family of God David González English
Davide Cantarella English
Electrolysis Treatment in Breast Cancer Lindsay Stine, Jose Paz English
To Present Everyone Perfect in Christ: On the Integration of All Curriculum Clark Armstrong English
Jose Paz English
Lindsay Stine English
Clark Armstrong English
How the Dead Kept Living: Mental Illness from the Battlefield to the Homefront in the American Civil War Kelsey Raymond English
Kelsey Raymond English
Quadriceps-hamstrings ratio & its relation to ACL integrity: a cadaver study Omar Hernandez, Caleb Wharton English
Dick Eugenio English
Caleb Wharton English
Omar Hernandez English
Creating and Configuring a Continuous Integration Machine for a Software Package Nathan Emerson English
Sola Scriptura — Reformation’s Ecclesial Legacy: Hermeneutical Freedom and Interpretive Diversity t oward a Reformed Catholicity of the Church Jason Valeriano Hallig English
The Other Sheep 1930s English
David Bomar English
Jason Valeriano Hallig English
Putting Eternity in Reader’s Hearts: C.S. Lewis and the Art of Sehnsucht Torri Frye English
Nathan Emerson English
Torri Frye English
2018 English
2017 English
Starting a Fire in the City of Mist Linzee Clark, Kimberly Jayne English
TrevEchoes, Vol. 3, 1945-1946 English
Kimberly Jayne English
Linzee Clark English
Bonnie J. Perry English
How to read the Bible every day and learn from it Mónica E. Mastronardi English
Emmanuel Reinbold English
Theses in Business English
Theses in Nursing English
Jonathan Platter English
Sermon: Acts 1:14, 2:1-4, 42 Phineas F. Bresee English