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Bernie Van De Walle

In spite of the common belief that an interest in holiness is, at best, in significant decline, this presentation suggests there exists today a great desire as well as a great need for holiness, outlining various ways in which this need and desire are manifest by those both inside the Church and even by those beyond it.

Joel Thiessen

Nearly 50 percent of Canadian teens never attend religious services, and one-third say they have “no religion” – both all-time highs in Canada. What cultural, social, familial, and congregational influences shape and reflect young people’s approach to Christianity?

Helen Thiessen

This workshop brings together Canadian youth leaders to hear updates from each other about events and strategies in youth ministry.

David Skidmore

Many people are puzzled by lagging church numbers and a seeming unresponsiveness to the gospel. Others feel that Canadian society is uninterested in Christianity. Some leaders think their churches or they themselves are too old or too young or too set in ministry patterns to break through this societal indifference.

Gary Peter Nawrocki

This workshop highlights the importance of community in spiritual development and how our individualistic tendencies often short circuit what God wants to do in the life of His people. The doctrine of Trinity reminds us that God is in constant community and calls God’s people to enter that fellowship.