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The JESUS Film is shown “underground” in the Horn of Africa and people are finding Christ. (1min:03sec)

Primitivo did not know Jesus. Then the JESUS Film came and presented to him a Savior who loved him. Now, Primitivo and his family meet weekly to worship God, with hopes of growing their congregation and using the JESUS Film to share God's love with other villages. (1min:44sec)

This video shows how a holistic approach to ministry, including the JESUS Film, is making a difference in people’s lives and social environment. (1min:01sec)

Dennis was a rebellious leader on his college campus in Ecuador before he saw the JESUS Film. Now he is a part of the JESUS Film ministry and shares his faith with others whenever he is given a chance. (2min:00sec)

An amazing testimony of a family being brought back together, and relationships being healed. Hadi is the perfect example of someone using their trade to build the Kingdom of God! (3min:36sec)

This video shows the JESUS Film church planting movement in action in the Philippines. Several new believers share their testimonies of how their lives were changed. (4min:16sec)

JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry was formed as a way for believers to help fulfill the Great Commission. This video contains stats and figures about the ministry and what God has done through the partnership of Harvest Partners and the 619 JESUS Film teams.

Balraj spent his life in India chasing drugs and alcohol, but was dissatisfied and tried to commit suicide. After his wife fasted for 40 days and nights, Balraj watched the JESUS film and started on a new path toward ordination.

Lorenza shares her testimony on how the Magdalena film changed her life. Jesus Film teams use this film to minister to women around the world.

An introduction to JESUS Film Harvest Partners.