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Everett Otis Chalfant

01 -- My Childhood
02 -- Conversion -- Consecration -- Call
03 -- Campaign -- College -- Courtship
04 -- Churches I Served
05 -- Chicago Central Calls
06 -- My Theory Of Home Missions
07 -- Gleanings From Annual Reports
08 -- Humorous Happenings

John W. Wright

Os Guiness addressed the Nazarene Faith, Living, and Learning Conference, Mount Vernon, OH, June 2001.  This essay by John Wright is a summary of and response to Guiness' comments, intended to provide opportunity for continued conversation.

Patrick Thomas

This article stresses the importance of African theologians and educators contributing to the discussion of the theology of holiness from their unique perspectives.  "The aim of this essay is to encourage theologians and educators to contribute to theological debates in the Church of the Nazarene, as well as to share insights into theological ed

Dean G. Blevins

Taken from the Introduction:

"This paper, however, asks not just what teachers will do for students as they acquire knowledge for ministry. This project addresses what educators must do to, with and through students as they, as Christians, continue to learn to advance God’s Reign."

Sung-Won Kim

This is a pleasant honor for me to have an opportunity to speak and have a dialogue on the assigned subject with you who are seriously concerned about higher education in the Church of the Nazarene.

David B. McEwan

Our education must be driven by explicit theological commitments from within our own Wesleyan tradition, rather than being driven by the secular philosophies undergirding the latest educational practices.

Louise Robinson Chapman

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01 -- Africa Travelogue
02 -- Swaziland Celebrates
03 -- God Comes To Camp Meeting
04 -- Greeting The European Nazarenes
05 -- A Cup Of Tea
06 -- Visiting Our Coloured Work
07 -- Introduction To Nyasaland

William M. Greathouse


The Anglican Vision
The Wesleyan Vision
Justification and Sanctification
A Wesleyan Vision of Christian Perspective
The Nazarene Vision
The Biblical Vision


Norman R. Oke

To many in the Church of the Nazarene, the altar is sacred as the place where sins were forgiven and burderns were lifted.  This manual, written by Norman Oke in collaboration with John L. Knight, Harold Volk, and R.T.