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Carl Warren Jones

"Covers a missionary journey of more than thirty thousand miles and is brimful of practical, down-to-earth data concerning the lands and mission fields he visited."--Intro.

Earl C. Wolf


Lewis T. Corlett

 The messages in this book were delivered as lectures in the annual Gould Lecture Series at Eastern Nazarene College.

Lyle Prescott

In this book, author Lyle Prescott shares stories and memories from his time as a pioneer Nazarene missionary to Cuba.

Russell V. Delong

This volume of sermons is sent forth to join The High Cost of Low Living, Clouds and Rainbows, and Facts We Hate to Face, with the hope that it may bring inspiration and hope to thousands.

Minnie E. Ludwig

Table of Contents

J. W. (John Wesley) Goodwin

This is an inspirational book on the beginning and development of the spiritual life. It addresses the aspects of regeneration and sanctification and the need for christians to be light and salt to the world around us.

Charles G. Finney

As an evangelist Finney lead revival in many places and influenced many people.  His lectures addressed issues faced by Christians which endanger the Christian life. 

H. Orton Wiley

This book is a compilation of 8 sermons delivered by H. Orton Wiley over his lifetime.

John W. May

The purpose of this book is to offer the doctrine and experience of sanctification in as practical terms as possible.  


1. The Price of Sanctification.

2. The Purpose of Sanctification.