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Congratulations for getting this book of Christian education lessons for youth and young adults.

As a teacher of adolescents and young adults, it will help you to know that the material you have in your hands is 100% biblical, and prepared especially for teenagers and young adults. An international team of people trained in various disciplines, and knowledgeable about today’s adolescents and young adults, prepared each lesson.

In this book, you will find 52 lessons divided into six thematic units. They don’t have the same number of lessons, but vary according to the importance and sub-themes selected.

Understanding the characteristics and needs of the stages of adolescence/youth and young adults, the book is designed for two age groups: One for adolescents/youth from 12-17 years and one for young adults from 18 to 23 years. In any case, you are free to adapt it according to the needs and facilities you have in your local church.

In each lesson, you will find the following sections:

  • The objective that will guide you throughout the lesson.
  • The Connect section, which is the introduction to the topic where activities for each age group are suggested.
  • The Navigate section where the theme of the lesson is developed.
  • The Review/Application section where the lesson is wrapped up and applied to life.

We hope that this material is used to the maximum in your local church, and that through it, you can train adolescents and young adults about what God’s Word says about health, cults, stewardship and spiritual life, among other topics contained in this book.

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