High Voltage: Discipleship Lessons for Youth (Printer Friendly Version)

High Voltage: Discipleship Lessons for Youth

High Voltage is a discipleship tool that has been designed for new young believers. It is a way to walk alongside young people in their first steps as Christians. High Voltage consists of 13 basic lessons that will help youth to know the essential principles of the Christian faith. With in-depth information, stories, and activities, each lesson will introduce different themes such as: being reborn as a new creature, how to walk with God, the new family of God, the Holy Spirit, Baptism, Servanthood, the body of Christ, the Trinity, the Second Coming, unity in the church, how to fight against sin, and many more! Also included are a leader's guide with suggestions and tips for better development of lessons with answers for the student worksheets. In addition, requests for baptism and membership, and a certificate of completion to give the student at the end of lesson series are included. We hope that High Voltage will be the spark that helps your youth connect deeply with Christ from the beginning, making a difference in their generation.

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