To Spread Scriptural Holiness and to Reform the Nation: The Kingdom of God in the Thought of John Wesley

Philip R. Hamner

This article establishes Wesley’s understanding of the kingdom of God as a multifaceted concept within Wesley’s thought. No single stream of expression will satisfactorily explain the Kingdom for Wesley; rather, John recognized the depth of meanings the Christian scriptures gave to the concept. It could be that the kingdom of God emerges as a primary orienting concern for Wesley’s theology.

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John Wesley's Sermons

John Wesley
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Sermons on Several Occasions is a collection of 141 sermons compiled into five series. In his first series, John Wesley presents what the Bible says concerning the way to heaven. In his second series, Wesley sheds light on several important Christian doctrines and practices. The first two series were edited and organized for publication by John Wesley himself. And while one can assume that Wesley is responsible for all of the sermons in this book, it is important to note the circumstances under which the final three series were published.

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