2017-2018 APNTS President's Report

2017-2018 President's Report to the Board of Trustees

Bruce E. Oldham

May 3, 2018

9:30AM - Horizon Hall, 4th Floor


A Trevecca Souvenir: Remembering 100 Years

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Janice M. Greathouse
Nancy Dunlap
Marian Jewell
George Privett



Remembering Places
Remembering People
Remembering Student Life
Remembering Key Events


A Vine of God's Own Planting:

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
John Chilton


Reminiscences of Dr. A. B. Mackey

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Homer J. Adams


1.  From Farm Boy to College President, 1897-1939
2.  The Middle Period, 1940-1952
3.  The Final Years as President, 1952-1963
4.  A. B. Mackey and the Quest for Accreditation
5.  A. B. Mackey as I knew him
6.  The Mackey Wit and Wisdom
7.  Mackey the Dynamic Speaker
8.  Recollections and Tributes
The Shadow of a Tall Man


BNC Sounds of a Miracle in 1971

In 1971 this recording was sent in a packet of materials to alumni, and constituents of Bethany Nazarene College, BNC, (now Southern Nazarene University).  It reaches out to describe the "Miracle Offering" that took place on the campus of BNC in which over the course of three weeks students gave $77,554.47 towards the College's indebtedness.  Quoting from the pamphlet accompanying this recording "BNC operated on a balanced budget for the first 20 years of President Cantrell's administration.

Darda 1980

Trevecca Nazarene College Yearbook, 1980 edition
Editor: Sheila Apple
Dedicated to: Dr. James Quiggins

Darda 2011

Trevecca Nazarene University Yearbook, 2011 edition
Dedicated to: Norm Robinson
Theme: 110 years of Legacy

Darda 2007

Trevecca Nazarene University Yearbook, 2007 edition
Dedicated to: Ann Fuqua
Theme: Illuminating our City


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