Theology of Love: The Dynamic of Wesleyanism, Second Edition


In this seminal work on holiness Mildred Wynkoop brought to the forefront the understanding that holiness is relational. Here she explains that loving God and loving neighbor find articulate expression in the holy life--a life oriented in dynamic and loving relationship toward God that in turn reaches out and embraces others. A Theology of Love reinvigorated for new generations the meaning of John Wesley's concept of perfect love.

Since its publication, A Theology of Love has influenced countless scholars, pastors, teachers, and students. Now in this new edition of the monumental work is included the original text plus a previously unpublished chapter. This enhanced version is the ideal addition to anyone desiring a deeper grasp of the theological insights and contributions of this exceptional scholar, and a provocative exercise in rethinking John Wesley's concept of holiness.

In addition to the previously unpublished portion of A Theology of Love, this new edition features additional commentary by Tom Noble, Scott Daniels, Ray Dunning, Diane Leclerc, and David McEwan.

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